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Early in the 1980’s Chad McCann fell into the grips of an alcoholic addiction that unleashed the wrath of Mr. Hyde and took him down a path of detox centers, jail cells and long nights on the street. 


Chad began writing songs on the street as a way of expressing the thoughts, feelings and observations he had on life. His songs encompassed an ironic combination of satire and sensitivity that left all those who heard them to wonder…  “How could such songs come from a bum such as this?” 

On May 3rd, 2001, Chad, for the very first time, chose not to take a drink and chose instead to take direction. He admitted that he could not solve the problems he had with the brain he’d used to create them.He followed the directions he was given to take the action that was needed to achieve the solution that he sought.


Chad now stands on a foundation of stability in a sober and sensible world. Responsible to his duties and accountable for his deeds.

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